Earlier assessments were done using isolated online or offline methods like manual grading of every single response followed by sharing feedback with the learners. MRCC’s robust and new-age assessment engine enables learners to assess and evaluate their capabilities in multiple fields. It conducts an automatic evaluation of the cognitive and technical skills of the learners and makes recommendations based on the  responses that are recorded.


Key Features of a Good Assessment Engine

  • Allows flexible assessment independent of time zones and geographical locations

  • Supports multiple languages

  • Features multi-task based assignments

  • Provision for automated and manual marking

  • Instant and regular feedback anytime and anywhere

  • Ability to measure course effectiveness

  • Can be utilized for training, evaluations, and interviews

  • Ability to improve regulatory compliance



MRCC’s NetVidya is a multidimensional learning platform that keeps learners at the forefront of performance. It measures learning effectiveness according to your assessment and offers an evaluation process with a built-in customizable reporting system to track and evaluate learners.
Here’s what it can help with:

  • Tracks the effectiveness of the training program by providing quantitative and qualitative data on the performance of the participants
  • Assesses the improvement of skill levels of the participants as a result of the training
  • Identifies gaps in training that can be addressed in future training sessions
  • Ensures that learners have acquired the basic skills and knowledge required to perform the relevant tasks
  • Tracks and records data collected from the assessments to determine the next steps

MRCC Assessment Templates

Multiple question templates are created for assessment purposes with data sets in XML

  • 01

    Multiple Choice

  • 02

    True or False

  • 03

    Fill in the Blank

  • 04

    Drag and Drop

  • 05

    Label the Image

  • 06


  • 07


  • 08


  • 09

    Beat the Clock

  • 10


  • 11

    Crossword Puzzles

  • 12

    Case Study

Why Choose Us?

  • Highly user-friendly
  • Intuitive and multilingual interface
  • Effective learner engagement
  • Easy integration with HRMS
  • Accurate reporting and tracking
  • 100+ large and small implementations
  • Customizable widgets
  • Safe and secure integration
  • Multiple engagement models
  • Easy customization
  • Reliable and quick after-sales services