In today’s world, data is the driving force that fuels businesses globally, and enterprise data management is the engine that brings life into the system. We strongly believe in providing business solutions to our clients through an intrinsic data-driven approach that enables us to understand and assist our client’s tactical and strategic needs.

MRCC EDM Approach

  • Propose a detailed roadmap using the power of Analytics on your business, data, and technology
  • Provide organizations with action-based strategic and tactical plans
  • Extract ROI at every stage of implementation
  • Deploy an EDM strategy in line with the business objectives and goals
  • Manage seamless integration into existing systems through robust QA and QC practices
  • Guarantee round the clock on-site and remote support

MRCC Offerings


Our expert team of analysts and solution architects provides you with compelling business cases that align with your organizational goals and enable you to define a problem, analyze it, and coordinate the end-to-end implementation process.

Here's what we do:

  • Define the EDM scope
  • Determine the readiness of the organization
  • Align solutions with business objectives, values, and vision
  • Develop an organization governing framework and processes
  • Define the data quality scorecards
  • Implement recommendations


Our data quality assessment service begins by gathering requirements and understanding your data quality through quick workshops that aim to evaluate the following:
  • Most critical business processes
  • Most vital process information
  • Required business rules
  • Quality of your data
  • The greatest opportunities for improvement

Our 3-step data quality assessment:

  • STEP


  • STEP


  • STEP


  • Conduct on-site workshops – This is done to capture the best practices for governing data in the areas mentioned below

    • 1. Determine core data and content principles
      • Data access and navigation
      • Data processing
      • Data terms and definitions
      • Data quality maps
    • 2. Document data quality requirements that are specific to your business needs
  • Conduct a remote assessment

  • Conduct an on-site stakeholder meeting



Our data cleaning service helps you channel your database resourcefully and devise targeted sales and direct marketing campaigns.

What do we do?

  • Classify data
  • Modify data
  • Replace data
  • Organize data
  • Delete data
  • Correct collected data

Our three-step data cleanse:

  • STEP


  • STEP


  • STEP


  • Conduct the ASA analysis and review remotely

    • Review and analyze the data quality assessment for business rules and mapping
    • Specify the data source that needs to be cleansed; it could be in the form of a database table or an excel file
    • Map the necessary data fields to be cleansed
    • Run the automated software to assist the cleansing process
  • Conduct an on-site interactive cleanse

    • Based on the ASA cleansing process, the data manager is provided with the relevant information needed to decide how to change the data
    • Apply the data quality rules and processing for the interactive and final updates
    • Verify interactive and automated updates and decide either to approve or reject changes
    • Merge the updates for the final version to complete the cleansing process
    • Update the data quality requirement documentation with the next steps and suggest recommendations based on findings that were uncovered during the cleansing process
  • Conduct an on-site stakeholder meeting – Review the deliverables with your team



Our data governance services team works alongside your organization to capture your business objectives, analyze compliance levels, and reduce the risk of poor data quality while following data protection procedures to aid you in achieving your data governance goals.

Our approach to data governance is to:

  • Capture and analyze your organization’s objectives
  • Measure the present and desired compliance levels
  • Evaluate current business process effectiveness
  • Provide recommendations for shaping data governance
  • Assign data governance and data quality responsibilities to match business’ objectives
  • Standardize the business approach with distinct procedures, policies, roles, and responsibilities


With over 25 years of experience, our EDM team provides a program delivery procedure that is specifically designed to enhance your project and accelerate development. Our EDM Solution services provide on-site services focused on the following program phases:
  • Analysis
  • Design and planning
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Rollout support


We take pride in our extensive ability and provide support to our client’s infrastructure regardless of their EDM platform. We provide support and maintenance in the following areas:
  • System administration
  • User administration
  • Performance analysis, tuning, and capacity planning
  • System design and deployment
  • Developing operational procedures
  • Security administration and auditing
  • Backup and recovery planning

Why Choose Us?

  • 25+ years of experience
  • Greater transparency
  • Seamless integrations
  • Enhanced data dissemination
  • Flexible deployment