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Succeeding in the New Normal with Virtual Reality

We have now entered into the Age of the New Normal, and many of us are anxious about what the road ahead might look like. Let us look at the present work culture, for instance, it has undergone a major shift and we will continue to see the long-term implications of this pandemic well into the future. On the brighter side, this pandemic has pushed us to embrace digital transformation at an accelerated rate, and this is what will enable us to succeed in the days to come. Continue reading

Resourceful Updates from Oracle on Enterprise Data Management

Oracle has rolled out a slew of updates for its Enterprise Data Management platform part of their July 2019 rollout. We discuss some of the key updates below.

Financial Cloud General Ledger

Users will get to manage the descriptive flexfields (DFFs) for the Financial Cloud General Ledger. Applications and segments of Financial Cloud General Ledger will be able to register DFFs. This registration provides additional properties that allow the DFF data to be included within node types that are defined for Financial Cloud General Ledger related segment or application. These additional properties in the viewpoints manage the values of descriptive flexfield for Financial Cloud General Ledger. You can export and import DFF values with the associated segment values.

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